Sunday, April 19, 2009

My 99 TJ rock crawler build

I am currently building/re-building my '99 Jeep Wrangler TJ. I bought the TJ new in '98 and ever since then i have been tinkering with it to make it what it is today. In '02-'03 I added a 4" Skjacker lift kit, 35"x12.50"x15" ProComp Mud Terrains mounted on 15"x10" Cragar Streetlocks. No sooner than I drove off from the 4x4 shop I knew that the Jeep was big and bad enough, but due to budget restraints there wasn't anything that I could do about it. I drove the Jeep like that for almost 3 years and experienced several setbacks! Due to the 35s and short arm kit and had the always dredded DEATH WOBBLE! haha And if I hit a bump goin down the road I never knew which direction the jeep would want to go. So needless to say something had to be done. In '06 I added the 8" Fabtech Rock Krawler lift kit, 38"x15.50"x18" Nitto Mud Grapplers mounted on 18"x9" Blk XD Diesel wheels, and stuffed the "stock" axles with 4.88 gears. I picked up the Jeep and was so excited because it was finally BIG ! The Jeep was almost where i wanted it, but something just kept bothering me...the paint was horrible and the stock axles have got to go. I ordered Poison Spyder trail protection and had everything installed by 4Wheel Parts in Raleigh NC. I then took it to get a fresh coat of paint and since I knew that I'd be beating through the woods there was no reason to put too much $$ into i took it to Maaco. And that brings my build up to current...hopefully in the next month or so I'll be dropping it off at 4 Wheel Parts once again for one more overhaul. The next modifications include Dynatrac Dana 60s front and rear packed with 5.13 gears and ARB lockers, 39.5"x13.50"x17" Super Swamper Iroks on 17"x9" Blk ProComp steel wheels, and Rock Krawlers 7" Xfactor lift kit that includes front coilover shocks and a 7" stretch in the rear !! If anyone has questions about my jeep, including where I got parts and the work done, or you just wanna share a story you might have I'd love to hear from you!

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  1. Nice job on the slow build! Your jeep is pretty badass, and those axles, and new tires will take it over the top. Speaking of top, time for a real cage!